How does SC SuperFans drive real users to my page?

Our primary source of traffic is cost-per-view (CPV) advertising.

We are targeting English-speaking, worldwide, 24hr-unique users by keywords.
Most users come from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Europe.

Each campaign will target different keywords depending on your songs genre.
We mostly specialize in hip-hop/rap and EDM/pop.

CPV advertising is all about volume. Even with our targeting in place, 90-98% of the users hitting your page will not engage with your song beyond playing it once. And they could play it the whole way through, or they could close it after 0:01 – both will register with SoundCloud as 1 play. But 2-10% WILL engage with your song – like, repost, comment or follow – hence the ratios you see in the different packages.

We have no control over who engages with your song and who doesn’t. Most times it’s a “mixed bag” — you’ll get engagement from SoundCloud Pro users with tonnes of followers, you’ll get some from ‘user#########’ type accounts with few/no followers, and everything in between.

Can I promote my Set URL?

UPDATE June 1st 2016: We have stopped offering promotion on Set URLs. Results were too inconsistent.

Promoting Set URLs is a lot different than individual songs. The more songs a Set has, the tougher it is to get engagement for them.
For this reason, we cannot guarantee minimum engagement (likes/reposts) for Set URLs.

Because of the way we drive traffic (CPV advertising), after we promote Set URLs they end up looking something like this:

Song 1 – 3000 plays
Song 2 – 500 plays
Song 3 – 350 plays
Song 4 – 200 plays
Song 5 – 100 plays
etc etc etc

Basically, every user that hits the page plays the first song, then engagement dissipates every song after.
You get much better results when you promote each song in the Set individually.