Get Noticed On SoundCloud – The “DiscoRank” Algorithm

The DiscoRank algorithm,  engineered by Amelie Anglade, is what uses to aggregate music on its network.
For example, its Explore page and search results.

The algorithm itself and how it works is extremely complex; check out this video of Anglade explaining it if you don’t believe me!

We’ve sorted through her presentation as best we can, and these are the recommendations we’ve come up with.

  • Metadata: Your tracks needs to be labeled and tagged properly so that they are searchable.
  • Genre: If your selected genre doesn’t appear in the Explore section, then safe to say you won’t be listed in it!
  • New Releases: The Explore tab only selects recent uploads; make you sure you being promoting your music as soon as you upload it!
    It is not certain but 5-7 days seems to be the limit of edibility to appear in the Explore tab.
  • Internal SoundCloud actions: Plays, likes, reposts, comments, etc. are counted by the DiscoRank algorithm.
  • Inbound Links: The more high-quality links you have pointing at the URL of your song, the better.
    Most heavily weight links come from social media – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, etc

Keep this in mind when uploading and promoting your next track!