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SoundCloud Promotion
Check out our 700+ positive reviews and 99% positive feedback score on Fiverr!

SC SuperFans is a service specializing in EDM, hip-hop
and pop music promotion on SoundCloud.

Whether you’re a beginner struggling to get heard or an industry veteran looking for an extra boost,
SC SuperFans has a package that will suit your SoundCloud promotion needs.

Traffic Source #1
Our Private Network

We post your song to our network of over 500 websites, blogs, social media pages & web 2.0 profiles.

Traffic Source #2
CPV Advertising

Using the top CPV (cost-per-view) advertising networks, we drive inexpensive, targeted traffic to your song.

We specialize in legitimate SoundCloud promotion.
We drive REAL targeted traffic to your page, leading to more plays, likes, comments, reposts and followers!.

Package 1

  • 1,000+ Plays
  • 80+ Likes
  • 30+ Reposts
  • Followers & Comments
  • Delivered In 1-3 Days

Package 2

  • 2,000+ Plays
  • 160+ Likes
  • 60+ Reposts
  • Followers & Comments
  • Delivered In 2-4 Days

Package 3

  • 5,000+ Plays
  • 400+ Likes
  • 150+ Reposts
  • Followers & Comments
  • Delivered In 3-5 Days

Play, Like & Repost stats quoted above are the minimum your song will receive.
Most songs we promote get much, much more!

Getting noticed on SoundCloud is tough. With music software being so easy to acquire, the barriers to entry in the music industry have come crashing down. It seems like everybody is putting out music these days. To stand out above the rest, you need more than just good music – you need an edge. You need consistent traffic being driven to your songs. You need new fans sharing and promoting your music to their friends and followers.

You don’t have to be a professional musician to get the full benefits of our SoundCloud promotion services. By exposing your music to a wider audience, you gain invaluable insight and feedback from listeners, fans and fellow musicians. Many of our clients use our promotion packages as a testing ground for their new music – if it gets poor feedback, they will tweak the song or scrap it. If it gets good feedback, they will continue promoting the song using our service and others.

We have over 700+ positive reviews and a 99% positive feedback rating on – proof that our service is exceptional. Don’t waste your money on other do-nothing services that just bloat your stats with spammy accounts – get real, authentic traffic driven to your SoundCloud page and start growing your fanbase organically. More SoundCloud plays, followers, likes and reposts are at your finger-tips – just place an order and watch the traffic roll in.

Our Monthly Service

If you upload multiple tracks per month, our subscription service is for you!

Comprehensive Promotion
Submit Multiple Tracks Each Month

Promote the songs of your choice!
Submit your track URL and promotion will begin shortly thereafter.

Grow Your Fanbase
Watch Your Stats EXPLODE

Tracks get THOUSANDS of real plays, HUNDREDS of likes & reposts. You may get some followers & comments too!

Sign up for our monthly service and never have to worry about SoundCloud promotion again.
Focus on what matters – your music – and leave the rest to us.


$40per month
$40per month
  • Promote 5 Songs Per Month
  • 1,000+ Plays Per Song
  • 80+ Likes Per Song
  • 30+ Reposts Per Song
  • Followers & Comments
  • 20% Savings


$80per month
$80per month
  • Promote 5 Songs Per Month
  • 2,000+ Plays Per Song
  • 160+ Likes Per Song
  • 60+ Reposts Per Song
  • Followers & Comments
  • 20% Savings

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All messages responded to within 24hrs.
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